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The Best Thing About Supplements for Healthy Skin

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By: Lac Tran

It’s funny that we spend our teen years trying to look older, and then when we get older, we want to try and look younger. Many people don’t realize that with a little attention to details, they can slow the onslaught of aging and health deterioration by eating right, exercising daily and taking care of overall health.

Taking nutritional supplements of vitamins, minerals and some herbs go a lot further to providing anti-aging benefits than many expensive face creams and ointments.

Take Vitamin A for example. This handy vitamin treats acne and contains anti-aging benefits in the form of Retin-A, and smoothes out wrinkles and improves skin texture by plumping skin cells and revitalizing growth of collagen. Vitamin B-complex is also great for skin care, as is Vitamin E. Vitamin E and A should be taken together to provide optimal benefits, for their both work and react together to keep skin tissues healthy. In addition, Vitamin E has been found to drastically reduce the number of wrinkles and improve skin texture in guided laboratory tests in recent years. And believe it or not, Vitamin C is not just for colds. This vitamin packs a punch and enables the body to fight inflammation, prevent free-radical damage (the bad stuff that causes cell destruction) and acts as an anti-oxidant that helps create collagen. No need to get those injections, just get your vitamin nutritional supplements!

Many women fighting the battle against aging are also taking estrogen nutritional supplements, which helps to reduce dryness of the skin and reduces fine wrinkles. One of the best things people can to do prevent skin conditions and premature aging is to resist the urge to sunbathe and to always wear sun block with outside, especially during the hot summer months. Nutritional supplements that contain the right mixtures of many vitamins and minerals help to protect the skin against many free radicals that can cause skin damage, and even some cancers. Free radicals are also the enemy to youthful, fresh looking skin, and causes accelerated rates of aging in many. Vitamins and minerals like Vitamins E and C, as well as the mineral Selenium help to decrease the harmful effect of the sun on skin cells and can help to prevent further damaging.

In fact, doctors have noted that the use of selenium nutritional supplements shows promising results in the fight against skin cancer as well as several other types of cancer. Taken orally, supplements of 50 to 200 micrograms daily can offer interior protection against those damaging rays. Be advised however, that taking some nutritional supplements, while helping to protect the skin, are not by any means to be considered as a replacement to sun block lotions or creams, nor as an anti-cancer drug.

Because today’s generation is more aware of the damages of sun worshiping than our parents and grandparents were, it is possible that, due to the use of skin protection and proper use of nutritional supplements and minerals that this generation may actually see a reduction in the number of melanoma and other skin cancer cases diagnosed and treated this decade.

Proper skin care means watching the health of your skin, and protecting and nourishing it on a daily basis. A good nutritional supplement such as a multi vitamin can do wonders not only for your insides but your outsides as well.

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