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Dos And Don'ts For Taking Natural Vitamin Supplements

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by Mario R. Churchill

Natural vitamin supplements are mostly beneficial, but there are also rare instances when they become hazardous to your health. Practice caution when taking natural vitamin supplement by adhering to the following dos and don'ts.

Do consider your health. If you're not willing to visit your doctor and have a general checkup, try to identify your physical strengths and weaknesses because this will let you know which specific vitamins you need regular dosages for and which ones you need extra of.

Do choose multivitamins over natural vitamin supplements that contain specific vitamins only. Taking multivitamins will ensure that you get a healthy dosage of all essential vitamins as well as important minerals. It also helps you maintain a routine more easily because you only need to take one tablet a day for multiple vitamins (thus its name).

Do practice care when choosing which natural vitamin supplements to take. Read consumer and professional reviews regarding the product.

Do consider your budget when choosing which natural vitamin supplements to take. As taking natural vitamin supplements can be a lifelong routine, it will become a permanent part of your budget. Make sure you purchase only one you can afford to take regularly without crippling your finances too much. You could also inquire with your insurance company if they have any advice and discounts to offer.

Do not buy any natural vitamin supplement that is not approved and licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration. Unlicensed drugs may have serious side effects that could endanger your health or worse, your life.

Do not buy any natural vitamin supplement from any illegitimate vendor. Even though you know the seller personally, it's still better to purchase from a legitimate pharmacy.

Do check the expiry date of your natural vitamin supplements because there are illegal drugstores which continue to sell expired medication to the public. Consuming expired vitamin supplements can lead to a number of health complications.

Do observe time properly when taking natural vitamin supplements. It's possible for their benefits and effects to be enhanced if you take them on the dot. Setting your watch to alarm on a particular hour every day isn't too much to ask, is it?

Do eat healthy food if you wish to increase the effects of taking natural vitamin supplements. While they can certainly contribute a lot to your health, they shouldn't be seen as miracle workers. Natural vitamin supplements won't help at all if you counter them by eating too much fried foods and sweets. Match your healthy habit with a healthy diet. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits while reducing intake of oils and fats.

Do exercise regularly. A daily workout will only serve to complement the significant benefits provided by natural vitamin supplements. Think of it as natural vitamin supplements laying the foundation of good health and exercise as the glue that maintains it. Choose the type of exercise you can have fun with and one you won't have any problem performing at your preferred time of the day. Fifteen to thirty minutes' worth of workout would do.

Do adopt a healthy lifestyle as well if you wish to maximize use of natural vitamin supplements. Consider quitting smoking, reducing intake of liquor, and try sleeping the required number of hours every day.

Those are the dos and don'ts to make sure that natural vitamin supplements play their role the way they're supposed to in your life. Stay healthy!

About the Author

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For information on natural vitamin supplements and or to purchase nutritional vitamin supp

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