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How to Prevent Foot Pain

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by Mr. Miyagi

It is not always easy to prevent foot pain and many times it is difficult to understand why and where the pain in your foot or heel is coming from. When you don't know the cause of this pain it can be difficult to prevent it from happening or to treat the pain. Did you know that heel and foot pain is a common problem that affects people of all ages and that there are a lot of different things that can cause this problem.

Sometimes it is as simple as wearing the wrong type of shoes or just standing for too long where other times, your foot pain could be caused by a more serious condition.

Below are some tips that can help you prevent foot pain:

1. Wear your shoes - Anytime that you are outside wear your shoes to protect your feet from unexpected dangers. Many of these will not be noticed until an accident occurs. This is especially important if you are a diabetic. Wearing shoes will help to prevent foot injuries and protect your feet.

2. Wear proper fitting shoes - Wearing shoes that fit properly is very important to help prevent foot pain. Shoes that are to small and wearing ones that are to big can do a lot more damage to your feet than you might realize. Make sure that you also wear shoes that give you the proper support for your daily routine.

3. Rest your feet - It is important that you take time to relax and prop your feet up once in a while. Spend some time barefoot and at the end of a long day, allow your feet to soak for a bit.

4. Remember your hygiene- You also need to protect your feet from germs, bacteria, fungus and other problems that can result from poor hygiene. Always keep your feet clean and dry and change your socks when needed.

5. When exercising stretch and protect - Did you know that your feet have many muscles and 26 bones in each foot? This is why it is important that you stretch and wear shoes to support your feet when running or exercising.

It is in your best interest to try and prevent foot pain so you do not have to deal with this problem later. It is always best to use preventive measures whenever possible. See your health care provider or a podiatrist if you do find yourself suffering with heel and foot pain. It can make your condition worse if you try and ignore the problem. Your feet deserve to be taken care of since you do stand on the most all day.


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