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Now Lasers Can Detect Invisible Tooth Decay


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We would all like to stop tooth decay before it affects the whiteness of our smile, and especially before it leads to painful cavities that may have to be drilled out. The problem is that dentists are only human and can only see with human eyes. Their eyes are trained, but by the time a dentist can see caries (tooth decay), so can anyone else, and by the time they can see the caries, the damage has already been done. Even worse, as surface dental health has improved through the fluoridation of water, caries has begun to appear below the surface where no one can see it until it is too late.

Until now, the only tool available to dentists to detect sub-surface caries was exploratory drilling. And who wants more drilling, especially in teeth that might be healthy?

But now a new solution is available. DIAGNOdent laser caries detection aid that can see safely through the enamel to detect caries that are too small or too deep for dentists using more traditional methods.

DIAGNOdent is more effective than traditional detection methods

We have all suffered under the dentists pick. The grating metal against our enamel, the scraping, the (sometimes painful) probing. No one likes it, but we suffer through it because we assume that it allows the dentist to find all those caries that need to be treated to keep our teeth healthy, bright, and functional. What if you were told that a study showed dentists using the pick were only able to find caries 58% of the time? That means that if it were a test, dentists would get, at best, a D- in finding cavities.

What about x-rays? You remember biting down on that obnoxious plastic film while the dentist puts a led apron on you and then hides in the other room. With all that discomfort and radiation exposure, it must do a better job of finding caries. Yes, but not much. The same study showed that the x-ray bitewing only detected 67% of the caries: a C-.

But dont you deserve A-level caries detection? Of course. And only one method allows that level of detection: DIAGNOdent. DIAGNOdent has proven 90% effective in finding dental fissures.

DIAGNOdent has none of the drawbacks of traditional methods

Not only is DIAGNOdent more effective than traditional detection methods, but think of all the unpleasantness associated with the dentist that you can do without:

  • NO scratching or probing with the pick
  • NO x-ray exposure or uncomfortable bitewing
And most of all:
  • NO exploratory drilling.
And even without all these painful nuisances, youll be getting unprecedented accuracy in the diagnosis of present and possible future caries.

Additional Benefits of DIAGNOdent

In addition to these appreciable benefits over traditional detection methods, DIAGNOdent allows numerous other, previously unanticipated benefits:

  • Allows the use of minimally invasive treatments without unnecessary procedures by ensuring an accurate diagnosis of even hidden caries. Ideal for use with air abrasion and micro-rotary treatments.
  • Allows dentists to track the development of caries over time to immediately identify problems to possibly isolate and remedy causes.
  • Results are completely reproducible and documentable.
  • Increased confidence and comfort mean you wont dread returning to the dentist and can stop any problems before they get out of hand.

If you want to know more about this revolutionary detection method for caries, please visit the website of Dr. Jagmail Basrai, serving the cosmetic dentistry patients of Essex and London, United Kingdom.


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