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Gymnema Sylvestre - 'Sugar Destroyer'

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Gymnema sylvestre is originally an Indian vine widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also found in Northern Africa. It is grown commercially in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Uses Of Gymnema Sylvestre

Many studies of Gymnema have been carried out. These indicate that the herb:

- Reduces or removes the sense taste of sweetness for several hours
- Reduces the absorption into the body of sugar in the gut
- Increases insulin production by the pancreas
- Reduces blood levels of triglycerides and cholesterol

These effects make Gymnema sylvestre a powerful aid in blood-sugar related ailments such as:

- Weight loss
- Diabetes, or pre-diabetes

Gymnema Sylvestre And The Sweet Taste

The effect of Gymnema sylvestre on the sense of taste is all the more remarkable because it is instantaneous. A few drops of a fluid extract or a little of the leaf powder dropped on the tongue makes it difficult or impossible to taste sweetness for up to several hours. For people with a craving for sweet foods, this could be a godsend. After taking Gymnema, putting a pinch of sugar granules on the tongue feels like putting sand in your mouth; and chocolate tastes like putty! The use of Gymnema is also said to reduce any cravings which might be present for chocolate or other sweet foods.

For someone who feels they are 'addicted' to sugar carrying a bottle of Gymnema drops around would certainly strengthen resolve not to eat sweet - or, to some extent, fatty - foods, as the sweetness will have just vanished.

Gymnema is a remarkable herb which can be a huge benefit both to those who truly want to cut down their consumption of sweet foods and those with blood sugar issues. Of course, if on medication you should consult your doctor before taking Gymnema: but if you have 'blood sugar lows' and are not on medication, try Gymnema.

The main treatment for low blood sugar is in changing diet and getting more exercise: but if you do these things, Gymnema is a great help to have in your pocket. In addition, taking 3-6 capsules of raw Gymnema herb (as opposed to extract, for which follow the manufacturer's instructions.)

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