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Prostatitis – the Cure Beyond Antibiotics

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By:Lac Tran

If you become infected by the E.coli bacteria, you might be unfortunate enough to suffer from a urinary tract infection. And therefore end up with prostatitis symptoms as the bacteria spreads to the prostate. Another form of prostatitis is a partial blockage of the urinary tract.

Acute prostatitis

Acute prostatitis is usually associated with lower urinary infection speading from the bladder or associated with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhoea or chlamydia. Acute prostatitis symptoms
include a burning sensation on passing urine with severe pain felt deep between the legs. There may be a penile discharge if an STD is present. Men with prostatitis may have prostatitis symptoms including pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen, testicles, and penis; discomfort during ejaculation or urination; or a weak urinary stream with dribbling.

Complementing standard treatment?

The typical doctor’s treatment for prostatitis
(http://concernrelated.mitamins.com/Men-Health/treatment-for-prostatitis.html) is application of an appropriate antibiotic. Antibiotics are frequently useful and are usually tried first even if infection is not found, although they might be working by an anti-inflammatory rather than an antibacterial effect. Drugs that reach adequate levels in the prostate must be used and for sufficient periods, at least one month.

Pau d’arco – the return of the traditional remedy

The range of other prostatitis medication(http://conditionsinfo.mitamins.com/Men-Health/
used is listed below and probably reflects the lack of a single effective therapy: painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs; antidepressants; psychological support and counselling; and pollen extracts. One of the most traditional prostatitis medications is actually one of the most effective, Pau d’arco extract has been used traditionally for prostatitis for many years. According to test tube studies, pau d’arco exerts antibacterial activity against the E.coli bacteria, a key cause of acute prostatitis.

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