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Skin Care: No pimples-No marks-No wrinkles and No aging!

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by Pnk Guru

Skin Care: No pimples-No marks-No wrinkles and No aging!

Skin is a Rose like!

When you have born, you were soft, smooth and silky like rose petals. And when you grow, sometimes you may feel after a period of say 30 years or so, your skin turns into some thorns closer to the rose flowers.

Your skin sometimes gets roughened due to exposure to Sunlight, polluted air, dry wind, hot and cold weather, rain and chemically polluted water. The skin loses moisture and oils and becomes dry. The pores of oil glands also get blocked by the dusts and dirt. The place of oil glands harbors fungi and bacteria and allows them to grow into scales.

Turns Thorny needs removal!

White and black heads emerge allowing more of dandruffs, dead cells accumulation on the skin. These will turn into pimples, acnes, psoriasis presenting a shabby skin show on the face, neck, head and scalp. When it spreads, it may form eczema down the neck any where on the body surface and on the hands and legs. You will understand that this is undoubtedly right time to take care of the skin, a natural coat to the entire body.

Skin Care is a routine happy affair! However, skin care starts right from the day of the child's birth. Application of mild soap, baby oil, cold cream, sandal and turmeric powders etc protects a baby in her earlier days. But, skin care needs to be taken more scientifically in the growth period or when found the skin is affected.

Removal of dandruff, cleaning and toning up the skin, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin are the regular process in a skin care, if the skin is found to be infected. This is a simple routine work for a beautiful woman to maintain her modesty.

1. Cleansing the Skin:

Cleansing is quite indispensable to avoid pimples, acnes and other skin problems. Wash your skin time and again using a mild face wash and wipe off with a clean wash cloth. It is quite essential to get rid of any impurities such as dirt particles and makeup residues before going to sleep so that your skin can breathe properly at night. Use mild cleanser at least twice a day; make sure that it rinses away easily; cause no skin irritation and do not wash away natural body oils too.

2. Toning the Skin:

Toners clean the skin further and help in removing any leftovers of particle on the skin. But a toner cools, nourishes, hydrates and freshens up your skin. It tightens up skin and seal up any skin pores opened while deep cleansing the face. Toners must be alcohol-free as they dry off the skin.

3. Exfoliating the Skin

Exfoliants get rid of dead cells from the skin, rejuvenate the skin and remove fine lines and wrinkles from the face. After exfoliation, the younger skin that surfaces looks more beautiful and glowing. These products usually have alpha or beta hydroxyl-acids to quicken up the process. But, do avoid the ones that are granular as they tend to damage the new skin.

4. Moisturizing the Skin

Like our inner body, our outer skin also needs re-hydration and intake of proper nutrients to keep it healthy. So, treat it with a good moisturizer and a night cream daily that helps the skin to balance and restore any damage that might have occurred.

Do you want a single cream that acts as a Skin Cleanser and Toner cum Exfoliant and Moisturizer?

Now, it is made thus and available in a single product form in skin care industry. If you start using the miracle cream when you feel so, it is right time and right choice as a single product. Just keep it with you at your bed side. It is an insurance against all odds in skin care.

"ALL IN ONE SKIN CARE AND BEAUTY CREAM" with Nobel Prize winner's technology

About the Author

Author Details: Pnk Guru is a business Strategist and a versatile freelance article writer. He identifies the best businesses and products and promotes them for the benefit of society and woman folk. ALL IN ONE SKIN CARE AND BEAUTY CREAM


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Kate Brownell said...
March 5, 2020 at 2:07 PM  

I am a college girl and this type of content is very informative for me. From this article, I came to know about the skincare tips and I believe these are very effective for curing pimples and other skin diseases. I am also a gym-goer and before starting my workout I am using anti wrinkle serum of FITBEAUTY Australia. It helps me fight against wrinkles and keeps my skin fresh.

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