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Infertility-4 Things To Increase Your Pregnancy Chances


by MIchelleH

Most people talk about things you should be doing to increase your fertility. What about the things you should be avoiding?

Such as stress. Most health professionals will agree that there is deep mind body connection within every human being. If you are always under a lot of stress then this may be lowering your chances of becoming pregnant.Dealing with the struggle of infertility is stressful enough. Add on the worry and work of everyday life and you could be an emotional wreck.

You need to be doing all that you can to avoid it or at least find a release. Something as simple as sitting quietly on a chair and practicing deep breathing can a have a tremendous effect helping you to relax.

Enrolling in a yoga class at your local community center may also be helpful. Everyone is different. Whatever relaxes you, do it!

Alcohol has also been shown to have an effect. In a Harvard study published in 1994 by The Journal of Public Health states that if a person has at least one alcoholic per day, they decrease their fertility by 50 percent. If you are having difficulty conceiving, you may want to lay off the alcohol for awhile.

Prescription medicines are another way that a couple can reduce their fertility and not realize it. Let your physician know that you are trying to conceive a child. They can make sure your medicines aren't an issue. As well as make any necessary changes.

Street drugs we all know are never good under any circumstances. Marijuana has been shown to disrupt the reproductive cycle. While cocaine has been shown to raise blood pressure which can cause several health problems.

You and your partner should make it a point to avoid all of these things. Hopefully increasing your fertility.

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