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Little Known Sciatic Nerve Treatments


DI Andrews

If you suspect you are suffering from Sciatica Nerve pain you should speak to your doctor right away. You should have a thorough examination to find out the extend of your symptoms. It’s also common for the symptoms of Sciatica Nerve pain to be linked to other problems, so the pain may not necessarily be the cause. This is why you should be honest and thorough with your doctor when discussing all your symptoms. The doctor can then decide if the symptoms are directly related to Sciatica Nerve pain or if they are part of something else. Also, only your doctor can decide the best treatment for Sciatica Nerve pain if that is the diagnosis.

If you suffer from Sciatica nerve pain, a physician may recommend several different sciatic nerve treatments for you. His recommendations will depend on how severe your case is. Physical therapy is often recommended as a first step. This is particularly important if you suffer from a herniated disk. Pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications may also be recommended for short periods of time, but the patient needs to be aware of the side effects of these medications.

To relieve pain in patients with Sciatica Nerve problems a physician sometimes uses steroids injections. This is a very aggressive treatment and is only used when a patient's ability to move is severely restricted by the relentless nature of their pain. The steroids reduce the inflammation associated with the nerve pain, but they can be very dangerous if not used properly. Therefore, the law prohibits anyone from receiving more than three of these injections annually. Unfortunately, the injections only ease the pain for a short time and three injections are never enough to help patients with this chronic pain.

Surgery might be considered as an option, as it is the most guaranteed cure for Sciatica nerve pain, but it is usually considered as the last choice. In cases of a severe state, in which numbness of the legs and back or even bladder and bowel disorders are symptoms, surgery is advised. Ease in pain occurs after the surgery but then again leads to other disorders afterwards. Clear-sightedness should be observed before opting for surgery.

Indeed, Sciatica Nerve Pain is considered a very serious condition; therefore it is wise to see your doctor as soon as possible. What initially starts with numbness in the legs and lower back, can lead, if untreated, to a potential loss in leg movement, eventually leading to a complete loss of bladder and bowel control. It is not uncommon for those suffering with the early symptoms to assume the pain is due to muscular inflammation, and so assume that OTC medication will help to relieve, and eventually cure, their condition. However, treated in this manner, the condition can leave sufferers with irreversible nerve damage.

Doctors will advise on other kind of treatment for you depending on the severity of your symptoms and advancement in medicine. Easing pain is the initial stage of medication; acupuncture is also considered a sure way of easing signs of Sciatic Nerve Pain.

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