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Speech Pathology


by Jon McQueen

People with speech disorder often have difficulty in interacting with other human beings. Sometimes because of the way they speak, they are labeled as stupid, dumb, or inept. Main stream media is the cause for this stereotyping because they portray characters with this syndrome as brainless and nonsensical beings.

Contrary to the common belief, not all people afflicted with speech disorder are brain damaged. The causes of these disabilities can be related to accidents or can be genetically inherited.

Speech pathology is the study of speech impairment. They are the people behind the programs devised to aid people improve their verbal skills. Through their system, they could eliminate or minimize disorders like stuttering. They have also invented devices like the electro larynges which is a lot of help for people who lost their speech due to accidents.

The second part of speech pathology is the therapy sessions. People who conduct these programs are called speech therapists. They are the ones that interact with the most number of patients. Public schools that offer speech therapy to children are often headed by these therapists. These are free treatments that could help children with this deficiency. It is also very helpful because the earlier the child is diagnosed his/her chances of getting better are improved by a huge margin.

Those who opt for a more professional treatment may visit the nearest hospital. Most if not all medical facilities in the area offer a form of treatment or may refer one to clinics that do. There are a series of programs that one could apply for. Although most of the time it is based on the severity of the patient's case.

From previous articles regarding speech pathology, a successful outcome is accompanied by feelings of satisfaction. This may be true simply because of the fact that they were able to help a person with the basic human need, communication.

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