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Male yeast infection symptoms

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by Busola Olanrewaju

Yeast infection symptoms is not common to the women alone ,it also has a lot to do with men, though not as common in comparable to the percentage of women infected .Most of the time yeast producing bactaria is usually thriving in warm and humid places like the vaginal.It is very rare that the penile yeast infection will originate from the man.Male yeast infection symptoms are usually the same as vaginal yeast infection symptom.

Below are some male infection symptom

* Pain during sexual intercourse
* Burning sensation when urinating
* Rash on the top of the penis
* Slight swelling
* Atimes there may be

Men usually contract yeast infection during sexual intercourse from an already infected partner, which seems to be the common way for a man to get infected,basiclly it is not the only way,male yeast infection can be simply be contracted simply by using the same towel with an infected person. The symptom of penile yeast infection is similar to vaginal infection ,but the only difference is that it can be found on the penis not vaginal. During urination, a man infected with yeast infection can be expected to suffer from a burning sensation on the tip of the penis.Pain during sexual intercourse is another common symptom of penile yeast infection,so the best thing is to abtain from having sexual intercourse until you treat the infection.

Itching is another irritating symptoms if this happen it is ad visable to seek for medical advise but in case you are not satisfied , there are solution that are natural and not harmful,this has to do with applying unsweetened youghurt to the infected region.Continuation with this treatment will give you relief. So if you are experiencing these symptoms or you suspect you suffer from yeast infection it is necessary to consult your doctor.Your doctor will be able to determine whether you suffer from yeast infection or a different type of infection .For more on how to cure yeast infection visit the link below.

About the Author
Busola olanrewaju is a nurse by profession,an internet marketers that specializes in health, wellness and fitness,for details visit http//www.healthwellbeingfitness.blogspot.com


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