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Natural Vision Improvement - Begin to See Clearer

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Michael Russell

Did you know that there are people who can see like an eagle without binoculars? But over 25% of the world's population needs eyeglasses? Do you already need them? If you are working with a computer your chances of having to use eyeglasses are growing. Do you like this idea? Do you want to change your lenses periodically for stronger ones? I do not. Please believe me. When the ophthalmologist told me I need to wear eyeglasses, a few years ago, I was so angry because of that situation. When after a few months I had to replace them with stronger ones, I was even angrier.

The eyes are very big oxygen consumers in the human body You need to breath a lot of fresh air in every single day. The lack of oxygen leads to poor eyesight, while enough oxygen leads to better eyesight and vision improvement. Let me tell you about an experience I had, which confirms this.

I walked fast in a park for one hour, breathing in slowly and keeping my breathing comfortable. Do you know what happened? I noticed real vision improvement and I felt younger. And all this happened in only one hour! It was amazing! You'll say it can't be true. It was hard to believe, but it was true. You have to try it yourself to see that it's true.

Let's see some details. The walk was at 0 degrees C. When the air is cold it has more oxygen, and leads to faster results. But you don't have to walk for one hour, or in cold air to see results. This is only speeding up the process. What's important: to take a walk in fresh air, breathing in slowly and after that retaining your breath as long is comfortable, and do it regularly, daily if possible. Even a few minutes it's fine. N.B.: If you have health problems talk to your physician first about trying a new breathing style. Never try hard, just do whatever you want to do. It has to be pleasant, and natural in every aspect. Vision improvement will show by relaxing, not forcing it. You want to help your eyes and body, not to burn them.

Let's talk now about the telescopic eyesight. There is an exercise that American Indians use to develop it. Look for 6 seconds at your nose. Then look for another 6 seconds at something 1 meter or so away, then to 5 meters, 10 meters, 50 m, 100 m, 500 m, 1000 m, 2000 m, and finally to the horizon. Each and every time glance gently for 6 seconds. Repeat the process for 3 minutes, but no more than 5 minutes. Don't force it! After that, you rub your palms until they become warm, about 30 seconds. Then cover your closed eyes with your palms and then let your eyes get relaxed and warm while you are breathing slowly a few minutes. Make sure that your hands are clean when you touch your eyes with them. Do the exercise 3 or 4 times a week. Don't overdo it. Overdoing can do more harm than good. It's better once a week than 7 times a week! Eventually you will get telescopic eyesight, a real vision improvement! Start your vision improvement NOW. Write down a simple plan to improve your vision, then put it where you can see it daily, and do it. Stick to it. You will be glad, because your eyesight will start to improve today and get better and better. Thank you for your time. Let your eyes be happy and you too!


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Patel said...
September 5, 2007 at 8:56 PM  

Great Blog....You can also give your valuable answer in Health Questions.

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