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Osteoporosis symptoms


By: Ivan Hince

In this article I would like to cover the subject of Osteoporosis symptoms, and what to look out for and at what age.

With most people you’re never too young to think about what causes Osteoporosis as it can affect young people as well as the old. In most cases it tends to affect women more than men as this is down to the hormonal change during the menopause.

But on saying that the Osteoporosis symptoms can occur at any age especially if the person’s diet is not as it should be. An example of this and hopefully your not in this category is that of anorexics who tend to have very little meat on their bones, and have not had the right intake of vitamins and normal supplements.

Osteoporosis symptoms are usually very hard to detect and in most cases the first you will know about whether you have Osteoporosis or not is when you end up in hospital due to a broken or fractured bone.

Another group of people who are at risk are those who exercise to the point they are thin or have very little body fat. Many a marathon runner has suffered with brittle bones due to their way of life.

Having Osteoporosis symptoms means that your bones will become very brittle and that without to much effort your bones will break or fracture. A simple fall or a knock can break things like your leg bones, hip bones, and wrist bones.

There are many ways that you can combat Osteoporosis and most of them are with taking a proper diet. If you’re a woman of menopausal age try taking the extra vitamins to replace those lost due to your time of life. If you talk this over with your Doctor I’m sure he will suggest the right type of supplements you need.

Summing up can be simplified, and affective Osteoporosis treatment can be made by first taking care of your diet and make sure that it is mainly on the alkaline side rather than the acidic. Many articles and books are available on this subject and it’s never too late in life to make that effective change to keep away the problems concerned with Osteoporosis.

Ivan Hince writes articles on Medical and Alternative Health. To view other articles on Osteoporosis or any other medical condition please go to the following website. http://www.find-the-info.com

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