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What Is GERD Diet?

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GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease is sometimes referred to as acid reflux. The symptoms that a person suffers from with this disease can be very wide ranging as well as being extremely annoying. But if a person suffering from this disease wishes to alleviate these symptoms then they will need to make changes to their lifestyle and also start using a GERD diet.

Normally making changes to your lifestyle may seem a little daunting but certainly by alleviating some of the stresses and strains that you feel during the course of a day will help to improve your situation immensely. Also you need to start looking at the kind of foods you are eating and making changes to your diet which can then prevent the acid reflux from becoming worse.

However when it comes to making changes to your diet in order to alleviate the symptoms of this disease it does not mean that you have to give up those that you really enjoy. Instead what you need to do is find out about those foods which are causing the symptoms and then just start to reduce the amount of them that you consume. You do not need to eliminate them entirely from your diet as just by reducing the amount that you eat will go a long way to helping you to deal with acid reflux.

Also by creating a GERD diet, you are helping to strengthen the muscles that are to be found at the bottom of your throat and which will in turn help to prevent the acid reflux occurring. The muscles at the bottom of your throat allow food that you have eaten to gain entry into your stomach. They open as the food passes down your throat and will close once all food has entered the stomach. When you have acid reflux, these muscles have become too wide and so they are unable to close properly once the food has passed through.

When it comes to you designing a GERD diet in order to help alleviate the symptoms of this particular disease and to help strengthen up the muscles at the base of your throat you should first consider eliminating such foods as chocolate, fried foods, caffeinated drinks, whole milk and those foods and drinks which contain large amounts of citrus in them. Instead you should increase the amount of fat free milk as well as fish both of which can help to alleviate acid reflux.

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